Talladega Super Speedway Early Morning 
Talladega, Huge, Awsom, 2 and 2/3 Mi Speedway. We go here twice yearly and if you don't have a seat up fairly high, you cannot see the far side of the track. This picture taken October 2000 when Dale Sr won from seventeenth place with I think eighteen laps to go.
Jr leads Mikey, 2002
Jr's car just before race, April 2002
Jr doing burnouts, Awsom race for Jr!!
Jr's crooked hat, lol--02
Mikey & Jr all Smiles after win, 02
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Jr wins exciting race with about half the field taken out by early accident. What a great job he did coming from last place after an engine change to win. It was the most awsome race we ever saw!!  With fewer cars in the field, those guys drove every lap like it was the last!  Talladega-- April, 03

Jr & Happy, cooling off--03
Jr in Busch uniform, 03 winner at Talladega
Jr in 2002, Talladega
KJun & OG, Talladega, 03 with Jr's show car
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