STEVE PARK: About his family
"We've always been close, my parents are like my best friends and they've been like that since I was a little kid," he said. "Where its instrumental is having their support. When something hurts you, your parents usually take it away from you, like any parent would.

"They never once said that they wanted me to stop racing due to the danger," Park added. "They understand the danger involved in the sport, but they also know how much I love it. They would never get in way of what I love. If and when you do get hurt, you have their unconditional support."

"My parents (Bob and Dorothy) have been my biggest influence. I enjoy moving up with their support. I'm just thrilled to have two happy and healthy parents that can share my growth in the sport that they've been a big part of over the years. I can't emphasize enough how much it means to have two happy, and happily married parents. They've been together 40 years. But I know people less fortunate that only have one parent around or little family. My family means a lot to me. "

STEVE PARK: On the fans

"I enjoy the fans. Some of the nicest people I have ever met and some of my best friends have all come from auto racing. I am a very fortunate person in that I can make a living at something I love. I have told Dale, "The funny thing is that you pay me for something I would do for free." It's the same in dealing with the fans. Without the fans, we would never be able to live out our dreams.

"It does get trying at times, because it's hard to concentrate on working on a race car with the fans screaming for your attention. But it's amazing to see how really interested these people are and how much a difference it makes to them to get an autograph.

Steve and Mikey

Teresa, Dale and Steve

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