Jr's Crib, Come In and Visit
Come In, the door is open.  Jr 's door is always open for friends to visit.
In the garage with the Bud car that is fastest of all!
Here Jr shows off a picture of he and Dale together after he won the Winston in 2000.  He said he never had many picures of him around until after his death.
Downstairs is Club E --This was on tv with a black & white tiled floor and several four wheelers.  Black barstools , and a bandstand. Of course a stereo sytem and huge frige to store that Budweiser.  He also has a huge tv there. He said Club holds about 200-250 people
We enter into the den had huge dark chairs and big comfy  sofas.  He said they did not use the dining area very much --which had a glass dining table.  The bedroom had a dark or black suite with a color coordinated closet!  He showed his favorite things---a pair of red shoes lent to him by Adam Petty before his death.
Not shown, outside and in the back of the house was a beautiful pool and cabana with a tanning bed. 
Jr says this truck is  his  baby which has huge wheels and a powerful stereo system!   Beside it is the 1999 red Corvette given to him by Chevy for winning the 1998 Busch Championship.
First car 1996 Impala, given to him by Dale to use as the "company car" but when he added a new stereo system, chrome wheels, tinted windows and Play Station, he said he had to buy it!  He likes to take all his friends around in this roomy one.
Jr drives away in the Bud car and our visit is over.

Here we are in the computer room where Jr i sitting at one of four computers that he has to compete with others playing games.