Hi Everyone, I'm Buddy, Jr's room,mate. He found me in a pet store in a mall in New Hampshire a couple of years ago and we have been inseperable.  I was on TV last year when Jr was interviewed by Darrel Waltrip. They kept making noise and moving equipment but I managed to nap anyway.  Here is what Mr Waltrip said about me.
This is an email  DW answered about my interview with him!

"Dale Jr. is a remarkable young man. Unfortunately, Buddy the cat really didn't like it very much that we messed up his house. He wandered around all the equipment and people, meowing at everyone. Finally he jumped up between us on the glass lightstand and went to sleep. I guess ol' DW and Dale Jr. weren't exciting enough for him! "

I also travel with him and keep him company at the tracks and we also adopted  a new family member, Dude. Sometimes we get to stay in basement when Jr is gone.  I am making friends at the track and met Matt's cat, Lars.  We had a disagreement and he scratched my nose but that's ok.  Buddy Love

UPDATE:  I have a modeling job with Purina Chat Chow ; Jr and me have our picture in their calendar.   Also Matt's dog. Endy has his  picture in the dog's calandar. The money goes to rescue animals who don't have nice homes like we do.   See our   pictures in Winston Cup Scene!
I'm Lars, Matt's cat and I travel with my people. I was actually a surprise and I came from an animal hospital. I am happy to have a new home and  I travel to the races also..
As far as playmates, I'm not lonely. We also have a dog, Endy who is getting famous since he is in the Purina Dog Chow  calendar.

I occasionally spar trackside with Dale Jr.'s cat, Buddy. Our first encounter ended in a bloody scratch on the nose for Buddy. I didn't mean to scratch him.  I am  also beginning a friendly relationship with Greg Biffle's boxer puppy, Foster.  See the rest of my family on Matt's site below.  Lars