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...and America cried.....
I awoke this morning, to a day that seemed so clear
A perfect September morning, it certainly did appear
But then I turned the TV on, and it brought me to my knees
Oh My God this can't be happening, Oh Lord this just can't be
Videos of the plane, crashing into the tower
And then there was another, this is our darkest hour
Then to the heart of America, this EVIL did go
The Pentagon was attacked, adding to the toll
Pittsburg was the next to see another plane go down
In memory of the innocent,.... a moment without a sound
Thousands of people trapped within each place
May God have mercy on them, and keep them in his grace
So many loved ones still  missing, as we moved into the night
As a country full of mourning, now we did unite
We always felt so secure, within this great land
We took so much for granted, we didn't understand
That the horror we see in other lands, could come to our shores
May this country return to God, and remain forever more
Never have we witnessed a day such as this
Be sure to say I love you, and give a hug and a kiss
Today we stand united, our flag it still flies
God Bless America on the day so many cried
with tears.....
Barb Kerr 09/11/01  10:00pm

News Updates
President addresses a grieving and horrified nation as details of yesterdays terrorism attack unfolds.
Section of Burning Pentagon after plane flown into the building by terrorists. Pentagon continues to burn.
Our Prayers go out to the victims and their families at this time of horror.
Trade Center Towers burning in New York.  Shown  here after terrorist attack before both collapsed.
Thanx Barb for another beautiful poem.
1-800-Give Life
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