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Stand Free

By: Bethany Blair

Don't mourn me
My life I gave to the land of the free
Don't cry for me
Cause I died defended thee

For now I have gone away
For freedom my life I did pay
For me please don't morn
I only wish I could have done more

Now this I ask of you
In the days that you have left to do
Don't mourn and cry that I have left
But stand proud in every breath

Continue to stand where I would stand
Proudly holding my fellow mans hand
Stand for all the freedoms we have
And in all things be glad

For I stood proud while I could
Now I only wish that you would
Stand up united and free
Stand up at least for me

I have given my life for my country
That you may stand completely free
So when you look at the flag I hope you see
My life that I have given that you could be free

God Bless America and may He be with all our troops!